Exalted: City on a Hill

Nexus Awaits

New horizons await

Having established their presence in Great Forks, Khalib was approached by man named Ba Chen. He requested that the Circle come to meet his master, a Merchant Prince of Nexus named Sergai Kang. After Asir Yasif went ahead of the rest of the group and determined that there was no danger, the Circle followed to meet with this Sergai Kang.

At the beginning of their meeting, Kang asked the Circle to keep the proceedings of their conversation private. When the Circle agreed, Kang revealed himself to be a Solar Exalt himself of the Eclipse caste. He told Khalib that it was part of his design to conceal his nature for the time being, but that he had a request to make of them. A minor member of the Scarlet Dynasty and powerful member of The Guild, a water-aspect Terrestrial named Sessus Kalandar, had been causing difficulty in Kang’s business dealings. Because Kang cannot act directly, he asked for the help of the Circle in dealing with his problem.

The Circle left for Nexus two days later and will arrive in Nexus shortly.



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