Exalted: City on a Hill

A Meeting in Great Forks

The Circle meets.

The Circle of Solar Exalted meet for the first time in the Age of Sorrows in the city of Great Forks. After moving around the city, Griffiths and Hammond located a temple dedicated to the Unconquered Sun. Within the temple was a fragment of a larger tablet (carried there by persons unknown) that seemed to carry an esoteric design. What the design indicates, and what it is a design for remains to be seen. Only further study and more fragments will be able to elucidate that mystery, although it is undeniably ancient.

Asir, through stealth and observation, discovered a criminal enclave known as the Clan of Five Fingers. Gathering the rest of the Circle, he followed a few members to the tunnels below the city and to their hidden center of operations. Upon confronting the rogues, Khalid, buring with the glory of the noonday sun, cowed the mortals to surrender, although their outcaste dragon-blooded leader would not be dissuaded. Unfortunately, his iniquity blinded him to the path of righteousness and he was slain. The remaining members of the band, under a new lieutenent, have come to follow the Unconquered Sun. They are the first of many.



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